Hannah Cribb


Get to know Hannah

I joined in January 2020 to support two of the Lincoln-based financial advisers with their business administration.

Outside of work

I enjoy yoga, watching football (especially Arsenal), spending time with family and friends, and my dogs. I travel as much as possible and go to festivals. I also love dining-room discos.

What do love about your job?
The job varies on a day-to-day basis and there’s always something new to get your head around.
What do you love about Flying Colours?
Flying Colours is a great company to work for as they’re very considerate to their employees. Even though the offices are spread out all over the country, everyone gets along well and are on the same wavelength. Guy’s summer parties are a highlight!
Absolute loves
Yoga, yoga, yoga! My family and dogs, experiencing new cultures, and being in hot countries in my shorts and flip flops.
Pet hates
Telling my son to tidy his bedroom on a daily basis and it falling on deaf ears!

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