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Now that you’re reaping the rewards of all your hard work, we can help you manage your finances to make the most of your retirement.

The best years of your life

For many, retirement is the golden age when you can enjoy doing what you want to do without the obligations of work. But can you be sure that the money you’ve put aside will last throughout your retirement? Will it cover the cost of a new car or updating your home? Will it cover the cost of care in later life? Will there be any left to pass on?

We can help you to clarify your plans for retirement, both now and in later life, then ensure that your finances are in the right shape to achieve them. We understand that a priority for many people is ensuring that they can pass on their wealth, without affecting their quality of life. We can help you to achieve this with effective estate planning.

Our independent financial advisers are specialists in retirement planning. We can help you to:
Understand your pensions
We’ll help you identify what pensions you have and whether they’re still suitable for you and your family.
Plan your cashflows
Using cashflow planning tools, we can assess whether you have enough assets to meet your needs and help ensure a sustainable income for your lifetime.
Evaluate current plans
We’ll assess your current assets and retirement goals, and see what needs to be done for you to have the retirement you want.
Identify alternative income
We’ll identify alternative options for generating an income during retirement, maximising tax-planning opportunities.
Maximise tax efficiency
We’ll help you make the most of the available allowances, such as the Annual Allowance, and tax-free withdrawals.
Pass on wealth
We’ll help you find tax-efficient ways to pass on wealth to your loved ones or causes that are close to your heart.

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