How it works

The journey towards achieving your financial goals will be unique to you and your family, but your journey with us will follow a similar path to this:

1. Introductory meeting

We’ll organise an introductory “getting to know you” meeting at a time that works for you. This may be in person or on a video call and usually lasts between 45-60 minutes.

2. Discovery meeting

This is an in-depth meeting, sometimes called a “fact-find” and usually lasts two hours. We’ll ask you lots of questions about your current financial situation, but more importantly, we’ll ask about your ideal future.

This is also your opportunity to ask as many questions as you like. So feel free to ask away!

3. Information gathering

Following the meeting, your adviser will investigate all of your existing financial arrangements. This includes identifying all of your existing pensions and investments: where they are, how much is in each and how well they are performing.

4. Building your plan

Once we’ve done all of the investigations and research, your adviser will work with our expert paraplanning team to put together a recommendation report. We use a number of tools, including investment research software, to work out the best solutions for achieving your goals.

5. Presenting your bespoke financial plan

Rather than present you with a report and hope that it all makes sense, your adviser will talk you through it, ensuring that you fully understand every aspect of our proposed financial plan. Again, this is your opportunity
to ask questions and to challenge any aspects of the plan that you’re concerned about.

6. Making it a reality

We’ll only start to implement the plan after you’ve confirmed that you’re happy with the recommendations. This may involve setting up new products, closing old ones or transferring existing products into another.
We’ll take care of everything, keeping you informed of progress as we go.

7. Review

Your adviser will meet with you on a regular basis (at least annually) either in-person or on a video call. This is incredibly important because your financial plan should adapt to your evolving goals and needs over the years. Your adviser will continue to act as a coach and trusted guide to ensure that you stay on track to achieve your short and long-term goals.


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