Investment approach

Different firms take different approaches to investing your money. At Flying Colours, we have an in-house Investment Team that focuses on three fundamentals of investing: discipline, diversification and cost.

Our investment expertise is central to supporting our financial planning offering. Our advisers have access to a highly skilled team of investment professionals who are on-hand to advise on the most effective investment solutions for you.

All clients have access to our Centralised Investment Proposition (CIP) which includes a range of investment solutions, including multi-asset risk-targeted funds, discretionary managed portfolios and bespoke portfolios, which we believe are best suited to meeting your needs and objectives.

Our investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy is a set of principles that we use to help us make decisions for you.

We believe that these increase the odds of success and reduce the chances of costly mistakes. These principles have become our investment approach, and we have built our systems and processes around them.

They’re made up of three fundamental principles and two secondary principles, which are:

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Investment services

We offer two investment services; advisory and discretionary.

The methodology of managing each of these offerings will differ, but both follow our core investment philosophy. We screen all the funds and discretionary managed portfolios which make up our CIP on a quarterly basis. However, if market events require, we will do this more frequently.

Advisory service
Discretionary service

Choosing the right investment solution for you

Our aim at Flying Colours is to ensure that every client has the right investment solution to help them meet their individual financial goals. Your financial adviser will guide you to the most appropriate investment solution based on your financial goals and risk profile.

Your Flying Colours financial adviser will advise you on the most appropriate investment solutions to meet your financial goals.

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