Pension planning

Pension planning is fundamentally about retirement planning. Our expert financial advisers can help ensure that your pension will provide you with the income you’ll need in retirement.

Making your money work

Most people have several jobs in their lifetime, which can make it hard to keep track of all their pension plans. Are you in control of all your pensions?

To add to the problem, the UK government has a habit of tinkering with pensions! Frequent changes to taxes and allowances, along with inflation, can erode their value over time.

Our financial advisers can get your pensions in order and ensure your money is working for you. We can simplify your pensions to make sure they are being managed cost-effectively by skilled investment managers. Most importantly, we can help to ensure that you have a sustainable income in retirement.

Understand your pensions
We’ll help you identify what pensions you have and whether they’re still suitable for you and your family.
Clarify retirement plans
We’ll work with you to clarify what you want from your retirement and how soon you can make it all happen.
Create a retirement plan
Once we understand your retirement goals, we’ll recommend the best course of action. As part of this, we’ll ensure your current pensions are fit for purpose.

Our other services

Investment planning

Our investment expertise is central to our financial advice offering. We fully appreciate the significance of what you entrust us to do with your wealth and we never take that for granted.
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In retirement planning

Our advisers can help you use the right blend of secure and flexible income to fund your retirement, and leave a legacy for your loved ones.
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Inheritance Tax and estate planning

Our advisers can help you navigate the UK’s complicated and changing tax regulations, so that those who benefit from an inheritance will only pay the necessary amount of tax.
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Protection and insurance

We insure our cars, homes, holidays, and even our pets! Our advisers can help you find the right type of insurance to protect your family should the worst happen.
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Tax optimisation

Tax rules in the UK are amongst the trickiest in the world. They are very complicated and change often. Our advisers can make sure you only pay the necessary amount of tax due.
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Later life and long-term care planning

Caring for older loved ones or needing care yourself can be complicated and emotionally challenging. We can guide you on the best possible route for later life and long-term care.
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Annuity Bureau

An annuity enables you to exchange some or all your pension pot for an annual income. This is guaranteed for a certain period, often the rest of your life.
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Are you retirement ready?