Why us?

Find out why our clients have chosen to work with us. We also suggest the key questions to ask any financial adviser before choosing who you should work with.

Let our clients tell you…

We’re very grateful to the clients who agreed to be interviewed on film to explain their reasons for working with us. Take a look at the videos here – the transcripts are available below the video if you prefer to have a read!

Flying Colours Advice Limited profile


It was a great comfort to have Arthur there when my husband died.


I definitely feel that I am secure, set up and heading in the right direction.


My adviser's expertise and depth of knowledge is first-class.


Flying Colours is a safe pair of hands.

Paul & Tracey

Working with Flying Colours has given us the confidence to retire.


Billy has really helped us understand the importance of investing and compounding.

What should you be looking for in a financial adviser?

We understand that there are plenty of financial advisers for you to choose from. We also understand that choosing a financial expert to work with you over the long term is an important decision and shouldn’t be rushed. So here are a few questions that you might want to ask before choosing who to trust with your hard-earned wealth.

Independent financial advisers are not restricted to advising on certain products. Ours have access to the whole of the market, so they’re in a better position to identify the best products to meet your needs.

Some advisers will simply focus on financial products. Lifestyle financial planners look to build long-term relationships with their clients and focus on long-term planning, not short-term product sales. Our advisers are experienced financial planners and genuinely enjoy building relationships with clients and their families, helping them to achieve a brighter financial future.

You want to feel confident that when you need to speak to someone or ask a question, your adviser will be there for you. At Flying Colours we have three UK offices and a highly experienced team of advisers, investment management specialists and operational staff to support them. This enables to provide a first-class service to all of our clients. If you contact us, you’ll always speak to a human being. Our team is friendly and attentive, and your adviser and their support team will get to know you very well. You’ll never be just a number to us.

It’s important to know if your financial adviser will be with you for your whole life journey, not just part of it. We’re not a small firm that is going to sell our client “book” to a new one because the owner has decided to retire.

Our advisers are qualified and experienced, but our cohort is younger than the industry average (over 50% of UK advisers are over 50 according to FTAdviser*). This means you can be confident that we’ll be your trusted advisers for many years to come.

We’re an ambitious firm, but we will never change our core values that always put our clients at the centre of what we do.


Different firms take different approaches to investing your money. Some will run investment portfolios in-house using their own expertise. Some will outsource the function to a model portfolio service (MPS) provider. The benefit of this approach is that the provider will have dedicated experts who are experienced in investing your wealth within portfolios that meet your needs in terms of goals and risk.

At Flying Colours, we have an in-house investment team that focuses on three fundamentals of investing: discipline, diversification, and cost. They have an excellent track record for using their evidence-based expertise to ensure that the investment solutions we recommend are designed to deliver the best results for our clients.


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