Protecting your family

We can arrange life, health, and medical insurance to ensure that your loved ones are financially protected should the worst happen to you.

Plan for the best, prepare for the worst

According to LV, 44% of adults aged 25-44 are not confident they could cope financially if they fell ill. Few people like to think about dying or becoming critically ill, but making a plan for that possibility is one of the best things you can do. By putting suitable policies in place, your family’s financial needs are covered if you fall ill or pass away.

Our role is to identify the best solutions for you and your family and make the process as straightforward as possible. We’ll discuss all options around protection and insurance. Whether it is long-term care, short-term employment cover, critical illness or life insurance, we’ll help you find the right protection for your needs.

Our independent financial advisers are experts in protection and insurance. We can help you to:
Consider the big picture
Our advisers are on hand to ensure we understand you and your aims before we make any recommendations.
Review your insurance
We’ll complete a comprehensive review of any existing life insurance or healthcare policies you may have and identify any potential shortfalls.
Find the right cover
It can be tough to know how much money will be needed to protect your lifestyle. We’ll find the right balance of cover that provides peace of mind on an affordable basis.
Implement cover
Once you’ve agreed to our recommendations, we’ll submit the application and keep you informed of progress.
Establish trusts
A common mistake is not using the correct type of trust or none at all. This can lead to delays in probate or paying unnecessary tax. We’ll advise on what’s required.
Navigate underwriting
We’ll help you to navigate the complicated requirements of underwriters. We’ll ensure you understand every step, so you make the right disclosures.

Why choose us?

Our clients explain why they trust Flying Colours for financial advice, and why they’ve continued to work with us over the years.

Paul & Tracey

Working with Flying Colours has given us the confidence to retire.


If you already have a clear idea of the type of financial advice you need, take a look at the range of solutions we offer.

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