Find out about our fee structures and what you can expect to receive.

Our fee philosophy

One of our core values is transparency. This means that fees are never hidden, and you won’t be pressured into making any decisions.

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Advice fees

Currently, our advice fees are based on a percentage of the assets that we advise you on. This is broken down into an initial fee and then, for most clients, an ongoing annual fee.

The initial fee is agreed with you from the outset and is based on how complicated your requirements are. We won’t charge you until you have agreed on the work you’d like us to do.

Your financial adviser will discuss the fee with you in detail, so please take the opportunity to ask questions before signing a fee agreement.

Your fees cover the cost of:

  • Identifying your short- and long-term financial goals
  • Liaising with current product providers to get a full picture of your finances
  • Researching the most suitable financial products to meet your needs
  • Developing a plan to achieve your financial goals, along with a personal value analysis
  • Implementing any recommendations and liaising with the relevant product providers
  • Ongoing review and management of your financial products including pensions, investments, insurance, trusts, etc.
  • A regular (at least annual) review to assess progress towards your goals. We’ll discuss any changes to your circumstances and adapt your plan accordingly
  • Proactive communications when changes in regulations, economy etc could impact your plans
  • Year-round access to your adviser to answer any questions or address any concerns
  • Monthly newsletter containing lots of information on managing your finances

Other fees

Every time an investment is bought or sold, there are associated costs such as dealing charges, bid/offer spread, and Stamp Duty. We work hard to ensure that the investment products we recommend have low fees and represent good value for money.

Insurance companies will pay us commission with regard to insurance and pure protection contracts and as with all our fees these will be fully disclosed to your prior to us putting any contracts of insurance on risk.

A platform is an online tool that allows various “tax wrappers” (such as pensions, ISAs, General Investment Accounts, and investment bonds) to be managed in a single place. This provides you with easy access to information and tax reporting. In recent years, the cost for platforms has become more competitive, and almost on a par with standalone pension and ISA options. For more detail, please visit our FAQs page.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about our fees, or concerns that they don’t represent value for money, please speak to your Flying Colours financial adviser.


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