John Drakes

Independent Financial Adviser

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Get to know John

I have worked in advisory roles since 1988, so I’ve definitely got the hang of it now! This includes working with some of the UK’s biggest banking and insurance companies.

Most of my work is focussed on building investment funds for clients and helping them to build funds towards their retirement. I also help them to manage their funds and income, both leading up to and during retirement.

Outside of work

I’m first and foremost a family man, so that takes up most of my spare time. I also enjoy live music and comedy, and watching rugby.

What do you love about Flying Colours?
Flying Colours provides all the tools and support I need to look after my clients. They’re always looking to innovate and improve their systems and support.
Absolute loves
My partner Diane says I must put her in this section!
Pet hates
I’m a man in my 50s, so obviously grumpy… it’s going to be a very long list!

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