Jon Dominey

Director & Group Managing Director

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I co-founded Flying Colours with Guy back in 2014, with a vision to disrupt the financial advice industry in the same way that our previous firm, Octopus Investments, did with investment management.

I have a very hands-on role in the business, dividing my time between talking to members of the team, working on the business strategy, and developing the systems and processes required to deliver our company’s vision.

Outside of work

I’m a father of four, which means I probably get about 30 minutes of downtime per week, but outside of work I really enjoy cooking.

When I was a teenager, my stepdad (a chef) used to cook me a second dinner after the standard nuggets and chips I’d have with my younger sisters earlier in the evening, and I think that sparked a passion in me.

I particularly love cooking for other people and seeing them enjoy it – not an experience I get often given my youngest two children are particularly fussy!

I also love playing golf, another hobby I picked up as a teenager.

What do love about your job?
I was a real maths geek at school, and that love of problem-solving has followed me ever since. Coming up with ways to improve the way people in the UK receive financial advice is a really complicated challenge that I relish. Being a director of a small business also means a lot of variety. No two days are the same which means I’m kept on my toes!
What do you love about Flying Colours?
From a mission perspective, I love what we are trying to do: helping as many people across the UK as possible achieve their financial goals. So many people don’t know how valuable advice is, and the difference it can make to their lives. We want to spread the word! Internally, I love our team. I’m so proud of how many people we have working here who’ve been at Flying Colours since the beginning. It might sound like a cliche, but it really does feel like a family, and I’m glad we’ve managed to build that kind of environment.
Absolute loves
My family, a full English breakfast, and a round of golf
Pet hates
People standing on the left-hand side of an escalator. Any time my children use Americanisms for English words. Any time my children notice me using Americanisms for English words. Dog poo.

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