Kieran Cooper

Head Office Administrator

Important information

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Get to know Kieran

I joined Flying Colours in November 2022 after being at my previous company for eight years.

I’m responsible for submitting Letter of Authority forms and sending out information requests. I then ensure that we have all the information we need from providers so we can put together effective financial plans for our clients. I also deal with the post in the Bracknell office.

Outside of work

I enjoy running a lot, especially half marathons. I also enjoy going for long walks with my dogs, eating nice food, watching football, and buying and selling clothes.

What do love about your job?
I have an interest in personal finance outside of work, so being able to work in the profession is great. I also love how the knowledge gained through the job can be transferred to my personal life through my own finances.
What do you love about Flying Colours?
The people. My previous role was home-based full-time, but now I can’t imagine doing that. It’s the first company I’ve worked for where I’d actually miss the people if I didn’t work from the office for a few days. Everyone is so friendly and the atmosphere in the office is great.
Absolute loves
Running, buying and selling things, my dogs, an ice cold can of Coke.
Pet hates
Bad manners, bad drivers, taking the bins out.

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