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I joined Flying Colours in January 2024 with 15 years of Paraplanning experience. As a Paraplanner I carry out the research and produce the Suitability Reports ensuring that the best advice and outcome is reached for the client. I work with a wide range of clients all within different phases of their life cycles and each with very different objectives and priorities.

Outside of work

I live in Wales and I am passionate about the outdoors and wellbeing. I am ML trained and love hiking in all seasons. I love cold water swimming, especially through the winter. I hope to complete the Ice Mile next year with 5 years winter swimming now under my belt! All of the above is enjoyed with my three beautiful daughters.

What do love about your job?
I love working with such a wide range of clients, as this ensures that day is different. I am grateful to be able to help provide a service that supports our clients in what is a crucial area of their life.
What do you love about Flying Colours?
I love working in such a supportive and understanding team, where everyone is so approachable, and any question can be asked.
Absolute loves
My three girls without question. They make me incredibly proud - accept when they are driving me insane! I love good wine and strong coffee and spend almost half my time down S/W Wales on the coast path and in / on the water. I love travelling and short breaks abroad.
Pet hates
I have quite the list, however noisy eating, dogs in prams and Dry Robes being worn miles away from water baffles me.

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