Valued Flying Colours client runs the London Marathon for Brain Research UK

Our client, Nick Taylor, is running the London Marathon on 21 April 2024 to raise money for Brain Research UK, a charity that funds vital research into neurological conditions.

We wouldn’t normally share fundraising stories about our clients, but Nick’s is a very special one, so we’ve made an exception on this occasion.

Nick wanted to tell his story to raise awareness about the amazing work that Brain Research UK do, and to give some important warnings about preparing for the unexpected.

Read on to learn more about the hurdles that Nick and his family have overcome, and his incredible journey toward the London Marathon.

“A simple accident that could’ve happened to anyone.”

In April 2022, Nick was enjoying a day out with his wife when he tripped on a pavement and fell backwards. He suffered a severe injury to his head and was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery to treat a bleed on his brain.

He says: “It was a simple accident that could’ve happened to anyone. Yet, at the time, my family had no idea if I’d wake up, and if I did, how bad the brain injury would be.”

The accident was life-changing, and Nick needed intensive rehabilitation. He was unable to walk and was aphasic, which meant that he couldn’t talk or understand speech. It took several months for him to learn to walk and communicate again, eventually returning home from hospital in September 2022.

18 months later, Nick still has hearing difficulties and no sense of taste or smell. He’s also unable to drive, which has taken away a lot of his independence.

Before the accident, Nick ran a successful business. Although he’d already started to take a step back before the accident, he was forced to cease trading entirely because he was unable to perform the essential tasks that he previously could.

Fortunately, Nick is on the road to recovery, but he and his family have had to adjust to some long-term changes to their lifestyle.

“Billy has been a great support and a remarkable financial adviser.”

While he was in hospital, his Flying Colours adviser Billy Ambler helped Nick’s family manage their finances. Unfortunately, this was made more challenging because there was no Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in place for Nick.

Normally, an LPA names an attorney who has the legal right to make decisions about a person’s finances and/or their health.

Not having an LPA in place ahead of time meant that, while he was unable to walk or talk, his wife Bridget was unable to access bank accounts and other finances in Nick’s name.

Nick explains: “Billy has been a great support and a remarkable financial adviser. He worked very hard on our behalf to find the right information and provide incredible support to my wife and family throughout this ordeal. Billy even came to see me when I was in hospital, with Bridget, when I was still in the very early stages of recovery, which I am still incredibly appreciative of to this day.”

“There was a whole mountain of worries after my accident, and Billy did everything he could to help us. We’ve worked with him for around eight years now, and he’s always been on hand to help and answer our questions. He also visits us to discuss things in person, when needed.”

Life after the accident

After such a traumatic experience, Nick is grabbing life with both hands! Not only is he relishing time with his wife, children, and grandchildren (who are “number one”), he’s decided to give something back to the charity that helped save his life.

Brain Research UK is a dedicated funder of neurological research in the UK. It supports the best science to achieve the greatest outcomes for people affected by neurological conditions. Ultimately, this helps them live better, for longer.

So, on 21 April, Nick will be running the London Marathon. He has no target for completing the 26.2 miles – he just intends to finish it! Training is going well, and he runs most days, building up the distance each week.

As Nick says: “25 years ago, doctors wouldn’t have known how to treat my brain injury and I may not have survived my accident. But now, thanks to Brain Research UK, I’m here today and training to run the London Marathon. With every step I run, I’ll be thinking of the money I’m raising for this amazing charity.”

“Get a Lasting Power of Attorney in place.”

Nick’s story is proof that we never know what’s around the corner, and he wants everybody to keep this in mind:

“I would say to anyone in my situation that you only live once and every day is a new day; be positive, enjoy being with your family, and definitely get a Lasting Power of Attorney in place – you just never know when it might be needed!”

Nick plans to raise £4,000 for Brain Research UK

Nick has a fundraising target of £4,000 when he runs the London Marathon and the team at Flying Colours has decided to contribute towards his fundraising efforts with a bake sale at Easter.

If you would like to support Nick in his goal of raising £4,000 for Brain Research UK, you can sponsor him at:

Every contribution funds vital research that helps people like Nick improve their quality of life.

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This article is for general information only and does not constitute advice. The information is aimed at retail clients only.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Lasting Powers of Attorney.

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