I’m Daniel and I’ve been a Flying Colours client for about six or seven years now.

I first got in touch with Flying Colours because I felt a little bit lost. Financially, I started to do okay but I didn’t really know what to do with my money and felt like I needed some financial help. So, it was actually just a quick Google search that I did, and I came across Flying Colours, who were local to me; they were in Ascot at the time, so I called to get in contact with them.

The business funds were sitting in a bank account, doing nothing. Billy’s advice was great because it led me to put X amount of money in here and X amount of money in there, and to see the performance of those funds over the past few years has been great because again, in the bank, it was doing nothing, and I didn’t really know what to do with it.

Looking at the business and personal together does really help. I’m not a finance guy, but with Billy’s help, I definitely feel as though I’m secure, set up, and heading in the right direction.

I feel as though if I didn’t have those guys and the advice that they give me, I would just have a little bit of money in a bank account and not really know what to do with it. Now that I know where I am, I can see my future, and it’s looking good.

Billy doesn’t just help me with my finances; he actually helps me with other questions that I have about the business. So, he’s a bit of a soundboard. He is somebody that I can phone at any time, and he helps me with anything that I need; it’s not just financial questions that I have. I do find he’s helped me in certain aspects of the business where I just needed somebody to ask a question to and he’s been great for that.

Flying Colours are professional, responsive, and on the ball. Emily in the office is extremely on the ball; she’s great at coming back to me; with any little questions that I have, she’s there, and she gets things done. It’s great. I’ve become quite friendly with Billy over the years, and I would not want to use anybody else; he’s extremely good at his job.

I would definitely recommend Billy and Flying Colours, and I have done. I recently recommended somebody to Billy and I try to put as many people their way as I can and that’s genuine; I believe in what they do, and I’ve given them some clients I know who also needed help. So, for sure, I would definitely recommend them.

Flying Colours and their whole team are extremely personable. I know Billy, who I deal with on a regular basis, Emily and Guy, and the guys in the office. I’ve been to the office, and everybody’s ultra-friendly, really nice, and extremely professional.

I definitely feel that I am secure, set up and heading in the right direction.

Why choose us?

Our clients explain why they trust Flying Colours for financial advice, and why they’ve continued to work with us over the years.


It was a great comfort to have Arthur there when my husband died.


I definitely feel that I am secure, set up and heading in the right direction.


My adviser's expertise and depth of knowledge is first-class.


Flying Colours is a safe pair of hands.

Paul & Tracey

Working with Flying Colours has given us the confidence to retire.


Billy has really helped us understand the importance of investing and compounding.


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