My name is Gen, and I’ve been a client of Arthur’s for many years, but when he joined Flying Colours in 2017, obviously I went with him.

He has advised on every aspect of my financial affairs; my husband died just over a year and a half ago, and Arthur has been absolutely wonderful. I’m not very financially clever and he advises me on every little problem, every time I panic, and gets me out of a hole.

Obviously, I worry about the future, but Arthur assures me, and I trust him implicitly, that I will have enough money to pay for any necessary care, and he thinks I should live to be 104, which doesn’t please me.

It was a great comfort having Arthur there when my husband died because I knew I could turn to him for anything. I had a lot of problems, and he always helped me within a few seconds of receiving an email. He was absolutely wonderful.

Working with Arthur is a hassle-free experience; he always understands and sees things from my point of view and makes me feel very cared for.

The best thing about working with Arthur and Flying Colours is that I have confidence and peace of mind because I wouldn’t be able to cope with sums of money and know what to do with them and how to deal with my everyday life if it weren’t for him.

I have been recommending Flying Colours and Arthur to my children and my friends forever, and I see no reason to change that attitude. I have nothing to complain about with Flying Colours and Arthur.


It was a great comfort to have Arthur there when my husband died.

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Our clients explain why they trust Flying Colours for financial advice, and why they’ve continued to work with us over the years.


It was a great comfort to have Arthur there when my husband died.


I definitely feel that I am secure, set up and heading in the right direction.


My adviser's expertise and depth of knowledge is first-class.


Flying Colours is a safe pair of hands.

Paul & Tracey

Working with Flying Colours has given us the confidence to retire.


Billy has really helped us understand the importance of investing and compounding.


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