My name is Gordon and I’ve been a client of Arthur’s for exactly 20 years, since 2003.

I chose to work with Arthur, first of all, because I knew him in a personal capacity, I knew what he did, I believed that he was competent, and I knew he had a lot of experience 20 years ago in what he did. I chose him, particularly because I believed he was somebody I could trust.

My lifestyle is dependent on my company pension, State Pensions for my wife and I, and income from our investments. To be perfectly frank, if we didn’t have the income from our investments, we wouldn’t be poor, but we wouldn’t be particularly comfortable in our retirement, so having Arthur manage the investments so that they’re doing the best they can for us and maintaining our quarterly income is a real bonus.

My investment goals are first and foremost that I’d like the money to go to my children after my wife and I have died; secondly, I’d like the money to keep pace with inflation; and thirdly, it’s very important to my lifestyle that I get some income from the money invested.

I feel very comfortable about my financial future due to working with Arthur. Provided Arthur doesn’t retire, as he’s threatening he might sometimes, I feel very comfortable with Arthur. I like Arthur’s approach; I like Arthur very much as a man; I know he’s got masses of experience in this business; and I believe he keeps himself up to date sufficiently. He’s very good at what he does. What I like most about Arthur is that he’s totally trustworthy and honest, with absolute integrity. For me, being competent at giving financial advice is one thing, but to me, it’s absolutely fundamental that whoever I use as an adviser must be totally trustworthy and their motives must be what’s best for me and not necessarily what’s best for them or the company.

The words and phrases I’d use to describe Arthur are competent, experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy, lots of integrity and totally honest.

I absolutely, definitely would recommend anybody to work with Arthur, as I’ve worked with him for so long and have been so satisfied. I know that Arthur is likely to retire at some point in time, and I’m quite sure that when Arthur does retire, he will recommend me to another highly competent adviser at Flying Colours.


Flying Colours is a safe pair of hands.

Why choose us?

Our clients explain why they trust Flying Colours for financial advice, and why they’ve continued to work with us over the years.


It was a great comfort to have Arthur there when my husband died.


I definitely feel that I am secure, set up and heading in the right direction.


My adviser's expertise and depth of knowledge is first-class.


Flying Colours is a safe pair of hands.

Paul & Tracey

Working with Flying Colours has given us the confidence to retire.


Billy has really helped us understand the importance of investing and compounding.


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