Guy Myles

Director and Group Chief Executive Officer

Get to know Guy

I founded Flying Colours with Jon Dominey in 2014 with a clear mission: to provide access to quality financial advice that helps people to understand their financial objectives and provide them with a plan to enjoy a brighter financial future.

I previously worked as a fund manager at Mercury Asset Management before founding Octopus Investments with two colleagues in 2000.

When we founded Flying Colours we wanted to learn from our experience at Octopus to develop a new way of providing financial advice. A way that puts you, the client, at the centre of what we do and delivers genuine value for money. We’ve achieved this by developing a strong culture which focuses on building lasting, relationships with you.

Outside of work

I’m learning golf and enjoying finding out I have no natural ability for the game.

What do love about your job?
I feel very lucky to have been able to work in the finance industry. The work is fascinating, and it attracts lots of clever and interesting people to work with.
What do you love about Flying Colours?
The people I work with are fun and passionate about what we do.
Absolute loves
Keeping up with old friends and watching my children grow up.
Pet hates
Anyone who thinks they know everything and has stopped listening.

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