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I joined Flying Colours in 2017 and was the first administrator in Lincoln. I loved playing a role in the setup of the admin processes and structure, and I really enjoy working within a motivated, enthusiastic team.

I’ve gained experience in many aspects of financial planning over the last six years, but have found great appreciation for retirement planning. It’s wonderful knowing clients who’ve consolidated their pensions with certain goals in mind, and then seeing them reach those goals and enjoy their retirement.

Outside of work

Outside of work, I’m an actor in theatre and film, which is something I’ve been able to pursue thanks to the support of Flying Colours. I also volunteer at a women’s refuge centre and my local animal rescue centre.

What do love about your job?
I love witnessing how financial advice helps people and providing them with information that can make a significant change to their lives. Whether this is looking after loved ones, helping with later life care, or providing early retirement, I really appreciate the work that everyone does in the team as it’s helping someone’s life to be better, and to settle any worries they might have regarding the future.
What do you love about Flying Colours?
I love how Flying Colours always strives to serve the client. All of our processes, goals, and decisions are based on what’s best for the client, and how we can improve our client service. I really appreciate how the business supports our staff, and how they always aim to make the company a collective team working together.
Absolute loves
Acting and performing, animals, criminal justice and law, books!
Pet hates
Cold coffee (when you made it to drink hot) and paper cuts!

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