Jack Ellary

IT Support Engineer

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I joined Flying Colours in 2022.

Outside of work

I enjoy going to the gym because it helps me stay in shape, improves my overall health and wellbeing, and gives me a sense of accomplishment and confidence. I also like working on my car because it allows me to learn new mechanical skills, work with my hands, and take pride in maintaining and improving my vehicle.

What do you love about your job?
Being an IT engineer can be a highly rewarding and satisfying job, providing opportunities for personal and professional growth, collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, and making a difference.
What do you love about Flying Colours?
Working at Flying Colours has provided far better learning opportunities than any other job I’ve had. It’s allowed me to gain valuable skills and knowledge in my field while also providing me with opportunities for personal and professional growth. Flying Colours has the best colleagues I’ve ever worked with. Their understanding, expertise, and positive attitude create a collaborative and uplifting work environment where everyone is encouraged to do their best work and grow professionally.
Absolute loves
Going to the gym, my car, and spending time outside with my friends.

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